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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or "BJJ" as many of us call it, has been PROVEN to be the SINGLE most effective form of self defense in the world.  There is no other single martial art that will better prepare YOU for real life confrontation.  But there is much more.  BJJ is also one of the BEST ways to LOSE WEIGHT as you can burn 1000 calories an hour all while having fun and learning.

Submission Wrestling

Submission Wrestling is the the combining of all grappling techniques in No-Gi (no uniform). It includes all elements of Wrestling, and submission grappling techniques from Judo, Sambo, BJJ and more.

Muay Thai

Our style is a blend of Muay Thai style striking with more of an emphasis on hands and a base that is suitable for Mixed competition rules or street self defense.  From Mixed Martial Arts Title holders to moms and pops just wanting to get in shape and have fun, we will lead you through our proven system to reach your goals and outpace the competition in every aspect.


Judo is the art the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Was born from. It involves locks and chokes as well as throws to the ground.When YOU train Judo at ACS you will learn serious, old fashioned Judo. There is a big difference between Martial Arts and Martial Sports.At ACS you will learn Martial Arts and this will make you more dangerous and give you more self confidence in your ability to control any situation. Judo uses the other persons momentum and power against them so it is great for all sizes and strengths. 

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We teach your kids a specially created combination of Wrestling, BJJ and Muay Thai to help teach them the most effective blend of martial arts. Our emphasis for kids is on teaching REAL techniques, hardwork, respect for themselves and others and mental fortitude. We all face difficulties and losses in our lives both as kids and as adults. At ACS we work diligently to prepare your kids to handle those tough situations with poise and positive responses. We firmly believe this is one of the most important character traits a child can learn. 

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